Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love her!

Random 199Random 200


Top Left: We woke up and it was absolutely FREEZING. Of course I hadn’t done the washing so I had to chuck on whatever was in Laelas cupboard and this is what she end up wearing – bear beanie, thick pink socks, bright pink tracky pants, bright red jumper and a white cloth as her bib. ha ha. Poor thing. She still makes it look so cute though!

Top Right: This seems to be what is happening every morning when Laela wakes up. Her clothes are alll pulled out of her cupboards. Until I get a baby lock for her wardrobe I am using sticky tape! ha ha


Random 201Random 202


Bottom Right: She is so full of life and energy! And not to mention cheekiness! I love it. I wouldn’t want her anyway! She keeps things interesting! :)

Bottom Left: Laela must take after me – I too love love LOVE my spaghetti with meat sauce. I think most people have at least one picture of themselves when they were a kid with a Spaghetti Bolognese face!

Free VIP tickets!


How!? Well, the company I work for got the free VIP tickets to the NZ Breakers vs Sydney Kings Basketball game and no one was able to go so they called me up! Boy was it AWESOME! I had been to a few basketball games ‘back in the day’ and I loved it just as much then. So, to sit in the VIP seats next to my buddy Jess, my big fat plate of roast, endless supply of sprite and water, FREE T-Shirts and front row seats to the cheerleaders was great! ha ha ha The ball even came my way and I had to hand it back to a player – ha ha ha! Oh! AND I made it on TV. FAMOUS!!!!

Breakers Game 177

Jess & I before the game – getting ready to cheer!!


Breakers Game 178Breakers Game 179Breakers Game 180


Mmmmm Roast! Because the game was on St. Patricks day, the half time show were Irish Dancers – pretty cool. Better than wanna be Cheerleaders!


Breakers Game 182

Half time score! It was such a close game!! Neck and neck the whole time! I was cheering for both teams. I really wanted the Sydney Kings to win because I am from Australia. But I was definitely out numbered!!

Breakers Game 185

Well done Breakers! They came out on top. Sydney should have won it though. Too many silly mistakes in the last 12 seconds of the games cost them! Oh well! Definitely loved watching the game!

Painting with friends

This is what we started with!

Painting 187

The mess begins!

Painting 188Painting 191

Painting 192

Laela LOVED painting with her hands! She preferred the hands over the paintbrush. It was so cute though when she didn’t want the paint on

her hands anymore, she kept rubbing it on her face and was trying to get the paint off her hands by rubbing them together, but it ended up making more mess. ha ha ha. Ohhh Laela!

Painting 194Painting 195Painting 196

The 3 trouble makers – Ashton, Laela & Gracie

Painting 193Painting 197

Painting 198

Nice and clean!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keep on swimming swimming….

So! This week our big adventure was off to the pools! I had never really noticed the ‘kids’ area before and was pleasantly surprised when I got into the pool that the kids pool was HEATED! How nice!!! Otherwise Laela could have been swimming by herself! ha ha ah jokes! So we met up with a few other Mums and their kiddiwinkles and they splished and splashed until their little hearts were content! Laela went under water for the first time (other than her bath), what a brave girl! I think I was more paranoid about it then her! Then she soon became confident and was jumping off the edge of the pool into my arms! Very entertaining!



One…. Two…. Three… JUMP!


Please excuse the ‘panda eyes’ in all these photos! Mental note taken that I should not wear mascara to the pools unless waterproof!


Look at these totally adorable cheeky monkeys! Love ‘em!



P.S. When it was time to get dressed my friends minded Laela for me while I got changed and because I was rushing to quickly get changed I walked straight into the mens changing room!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, SO embarrassed and I think the guys who saw me see them were embarrassed too! ha ha ha ha! As I was realising that I had walked into the wrong changing room the guys said to me “Uhhh… wrong changing room lady!” I reminded him that I was WELL aware of that and quickly walked out! Man I am an idiot! ha ha ha

Monday, February 28, 2011

Chipmunks Play Date

A few of the Mums in our ward got together and took our kids to ‘Chipmunks’ (a HUGE indoor funky, awesome playground). It was SO much fun!! I loved it just as much as Laela! We were there for a few hours and could have stayed longer if Laela didn’t need a sleep. There were blow up castles to jump on, slide down, tunnels, puzzles, Merry-go-round, heaps of stuff!


Chipmunks 108

Chipmunks 114Chipmunks 120

Laela LOVED it. Gracie wasn’t so sure. ha ha

Chipmunks 115

Chipmunks 116

Chipmunks 118


And look at this! ha ha ha! Jess loved it more than Gracie! Ohh Jessie! You crack me up!


Chipmunks 124Chipmunks 125

Chipmunks 126Chipmunks 127 - Copy


And the Merry-go-round. When the ride had finished Laela had a bit of a tantrum… she wanted more. Lesson learnt – never put them on the ride in the first place and it can all be avoided! ha ha


Chipmunks 137Chipmunks 139


We will definitely go back to Chipmunks soon! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

What devastating news. Absolutely heart breaking. I have been following the news over the past few days and it really does seem hard to believe that it has happened! It just doesn’t seem real! It is like watching a sad movie! It is so emotional. Being married and having a child now, it really does pull at the heart strings that little bit more when hearing parents looking for children, husbands looking for wives, friends looking friends. However, it is definitely wonderful to hear all the help being offered from overseas. New Zealand really does have a lot of friends.







At times like this I guess I tend to reflect on what I have and what I take for granted. I can’t tell you enough how extremely blessed I feel to know that my family are safe, to have clean running water, to have power, a nice bed to sleep in, plenty of food in my cupboards, the knowledge I have with regards to 72 hour packs and food storage.  You just never know when or where it will happen and if it will happen to you. The people of Christchurch are definitely in my prayers, especially those who have lost a loved one. Praying and thinking of your Christchurch. xxxx

Friday, February 18, 2011

Carly’s 30th Birthday Bash!

Last night was our friend Carly’s 30th Birthday Party and boy was it fun!! Only 30 people were invited, and each person represented a year from 1981 – 2010. It was hilarious with what some of the people came up with! I got the year 1994, that was the year Justin Bieber was born, so I went as him. It was a bit of a last minute costume, but simple to pull together I guess. We had awards for best dressed, a model/runway show, lots of dancing, photos and plenty of food! What a fun birthday!! I love dress ups!!


 Carlys Brithday 027Carlys Brithday 030

Carlys Brithday 056Carlys Brithday 033


Top left: Wonder/Libra Boy 2010 – ha ha!, Ghostbusters 1984 (These 2 were amongst the favs!)

Top Right: Worldwide Web 1990, Oprah 1986

Bottom Left: Nacho 2006, Beyonce (B’Day Girl) 2007

Bottom Right: Justin Bieber 1994, E.T. (JESSIE!) 1982


Carlys Brithday 028Carlys Brithday 031

Carlys Brithday 035Carlys Brithday 045

The award ceremony!

Carlys Brithday 047

‘Back To The Future’ Award Entertainment – They sang Lady Gaga’s song ‘Polkaface’ from GLEE, BUT made up their own words to it for Mums. ha ha ha. It was crack up!!

Carlys Brithday 062Carlys Brithday 063

Some crazy dancing pictures! The camera had too much to drink!!

There were plenty more costumes but have only put pics up of some of them!  What a cool birthday!!


Happy 30th Birthday Carly!